Elm Tree Partners is focusing on identifying value-add investment opportunities in the secondary and tertiary markets from New England to Florida, where many of these markets boast substantial population and economic growths. We lever our expertise to identify necessary enhancements in class B properties to deliver a class A living experience to our tenants through our process.

Why Multi-family

Real estate including multi-family investments have low correlation with financial markets, the ability to generate stable income, and offer protection against inflation with opportunities for leverage. There is a huge potential in providing quality middle-class and work-force housing for the community as living near work is an emerging style of living.


Multi-family investments benefit from a lower cost of borrowing and with workers getting used to WFH, providing better quality in middle-class and work-force housing becomes a great opportunity to create sustainable value.


Our Strategy

Elm Tree Partners' primary focus is on class B properties in prime locations with the potential of creating a class A living experience through revamping the properties and partnerships with local management experts. Our targets are both opportunistic ground-up development and value add properties that we buy and hold long term (5-10 years) to ensure our tenants' quality of life and to uncover the true value of our properties. Instead of speculative buying and increasing rents, we lower the expenses such as maintenance and turnover through high quality management and creating a sense of home and community.


The Elm Tree Due Diligence Process

1.    Analysis of the supply and demand dynamics in the selected market and submarket.
2.    Exhaustive analysis of rent rolls, expense line items and capital requirements.
3.    Through local knowledge and hands on experience, we determine if an opportunity has underlying value that can be unlocked.
4.    Detailed review of the existing or proposed financial structure.
5.    In-house management and coordination of legal counsel, environmental consultants and property evaluation. Third party reports are obtained to verify all key elements of a transaction.